Brian showing off his perennials, plant boxes and rustic flags at the Norfolk County Fair

The History of Just Perennials

Just Perennials began as a business  in 1988. Brian Arsenault started Just Perennials to provide school and community groups with an easy and fun way to fundraise. Brian takes care of over 10,000 plants a year! With a wide variety of beautiful perennials available each spring, Just Perennials provides opportunities for plant sales and advanced-sale fundraisers to community groups and schools in Southwestern Ontario.

Based in Port Dover, Ontario, Brian has now grown his business by producing hand-crafted flower boxes and rustic flags perfect for a home, backyard garden, or patio. Brian’s flags can be found here!

“Hi Brian! I did get the flag, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I am thinking of maybe ordering a couple more depending on who in my family likes it after seeing this one (myself included). I am thrilled I found you on Etsy, my aunt/uncle are going to love this gift! Thank you for such quality workmanship!” Hamilton, Ontario